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Robust Azure Cloud platform, with Secure Data Partitions OTP based transaction authentication. 256-bit data Encryption in transit and at rest.


Predictive analytics based on proprietary algorithms leveraging 20+ factors for interest rate pricing. Service Oriented Architecture to allow for seamless API integrations with broader eco-system.


Mobile friendly, easy to use platform, co-created with businesses to ensure extreme simplicty and ensure easy adoption.


GST Ready processes to ensure easy account and reconciliation Regulatorily compliant platform.

CAYESH is a Fintech company for Supply Chain stakeholders to facilitate availability, management, and mobilization of Working Capital

About Cayesh Supplier Invoice Financing

In Egypt, SMEs represent 90% of employment and 75% of GDP, however they constitute only ~6% of Bank credit! Majority of SMEs (usually under collateralized and undercapitalized) struggle to get access to credit from Lenders at reasonable rates and often do not get any credit without collateral.

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